Jas Rolyn

Malta-based singer-songwriter, photo/videographer & graphic designer with an eye for detail and a great passion for art.

Life is an evergoing lesson, so I took some time to learn, develop, and perfect my craft.

A few years ago, I decided to start my very own one-man-company Beehive Visuals. I started out by offering my services as a videographer. With a lot of work and dedication, I gained a great amount of experience.

As I grew older, my passion for visual arts only grew strong, and I started focusing more on photography and graphic design. 

During these past couple of years, I had the chance to shoot amazing events around the island, like; The Triton Fountain Inauguration and MFWA ’19. I also had the opportunity to work hand in hand with various local artists.

At Beehive Visuals I specialise in outdoor portrait and architectural photography, as well as graphic design and videography.